Saturn Installs New Inner-Layer DES Line 

As we traverse this new normal, we will respond by continuously modernizing Saturn in order to attain full manufacturing capacity in spite of the
reduced des-silhouettelabor pool. So in order to increase automation as well as HDI capacity, we have installed a new Develop-Etch-Strip (DES) line featuring thin core handling 
 to enable complete automation. Prior to this, any cores with less than 0.014" thickness were required to be taped to a thicker leading board, which then required two operators to load and subsequently unload. This new line is designed to transport down to 0.002" rigid cores without the need for leader boards. In fact, we have successfully transported 0.001" flex cores with no issues, making this line both a design and installation success.
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SEC Hitting 80% of Its Shipments

We have increased the headcount for Multilayer Lamination to three operators. However, Inner Layer Production has been hampered by Chemistry issues that we finally resolved this morning. Nonetheless, we are announcing the purchase of a new DES Line custom-made to address the following specifications: four meters per minute for one ounce Copper; 2mil Core HDI transportation; 7500 cores for standard two-shift, eight-hour operation. As a result, SEC DES throughput will rank among the highest North American fabricators for this process. Installation is scheduled to begin in August.
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Slashing the Backlog with Surge Production

Let’s get down to brass tacks. After evaluating 1500 individual work orders and tracking them to current production process so I could compare that to the original due date…I only have two words: MY BAD. Presuming everything was backlogged, I directed operators to continue producing panels prioritized by customer service. I believed this would provide a steady work flow in culminating in jobs being completed in order of original due date. However, upon further scrutiny, I realized that every process step has virtually almost every due date within that step. For the most part, regardless of board being in Inner-Layer-Image or Drilling, Soldermask or Final Inspection, I have jobs with original due dates ranging from mid-May all the way to August which, in turn, means that some August jobs have already been completed while some May jobs have remained in the early stages of the fabrication process.
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New Vision Scoring Machine

Saturn recently retro-fitted one of our scoring machines with an Accu-Scale Automatic Vision-Assisted Panel Scaling and Offset.camera-shroud-scoring This equipment verifies the X and Y axis of our production panels and calculates the correct scoring location. This will take into consideration any shrinking or scaling that occurs during fabrication. The camera is mounted with a lighting system that focuses on the artwork fiducials for panel registration. Gerber Files are used to determine the score line measurement prior to scoring the panels. A High Speed 4-Axis CNC "Jump" V-Scoring System with Automatic Load-Score-Rotate-Score-Unload, the Accu-Score AS-150-MAX Auto Automatic V-Scoring System is designed to score continuous and segmented ("jump") v-grooves on one or both sides of any type of PC board substrate.
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What are PCBs? How do PCBs Work?

Informative and well-made video from Branch Education explores the vast labyrinth of wires inside how-do-pcbs-workthe PCB and details how PCBs work. Content includes X-Ray image of PCB and vias and holes in the PCB. What is a motherboard? What are the layers of a PCB? Different designs of PCBs, Sizes, Weights, and Thru hole. 
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SEC to Attend 2018 NMSDC Event in Austin

Saturn Electronics Corporation will be attending the annual National Minority Supplier Development Council Event in Austin, Texas October 14-17. The NMSD Conference nmsdc-austin-2018and Business Opportunity Exchange is the nation’s premier forum on minority supplier development. For four days, more than 6,000 corporate CEOs, procurement executives and supplier diversity professionals from the top multinational companies, as well as leading Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American business owners and international organizations will convene in Austin, Texas to re-energize their collective efforts to certify, develop, connect and advocate for solid minority firms in the global corporate supply chain.
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SEC Shop Updates

Saturn recently installed and upgraded the following machines to our Romulus fabrication facility.

Schmoll drills
We have recently purchased two new Schmoll drill machines. We had some issues when they first arrived, and we were unable to use the drill machines. We have a serviceman in right now working on the machines, and he already has one machine up and running.

Pluritech drills
The Pluritech drills are not up and running at the moment as we are still in the process of installation. Once up and running, the Pluritech drills will be able to output 8 to 10 jobs per day without an operator. We will use this machine for all of our double and single sided jobs, and free up the rest of the machines to use for multilayer jobs. This will increase capacity as well as output, as the Pluritechs will be almost fully automated.
Pinner / De-Pinner
The new pinner machine is an automated machine, which eliminates the need to change pins and also eliminates the use of backup and entry material. The output of our stock making department has increased from 700 panels in an 8 hour day to 1000-1200 panels in an 8 our day. There are some issues with pins breaking due to not lining up properly, but we are working on correcting this issue.

Single-Line V-Score Machine
We have purchased and installed a single line V-Score machine to increase efficiency. The idea is to install one machine by each of our routers so that the routing operator can just load it up and let it run, which will open up our main scoring machines for multi-line scoring jobs and increase output. We are having a few issues with getting it fully operational while we work out the kinks; we are having an issue getting the blade to score a straight line, but we are working with the supplier on how to correct this.

New Loader / Unloader Set
We have purchased a new automated Loader and Unloader from a Chinese vendor. This will increase efficiency, as well as greatly reduce mishandling-related quality issues. The unloader has been installed on our cleaning line and the loader will be installed by early next week. We plan to evaluate the set, and if they operate to our standards we will put a set on every machine that will support the same style loader/unloader.

We have purchased a hydraulic trolley to aid in the transport of panels. The trolley rises and lowers, which will help operators move panels with more ease and hopefully help reduce mishandling related issues.


SEC Chooses atg Flying Probe for High-Speed Electrical Test and Automation

atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH, confirms the order for high-speed bare board testing technology. The atg A5a, 8 head, double-sided, auto-load/unload system, for true “lights-out” flying-rpobeoperation has been ordered and installed by Saturn Electronics, Romulus, MI. A5a (auto-load/unload) testers utilize 8 flying probe test heads, multiple optical recognition systems, and a wide variety of advanced, high-speed electrical test measurement techniques to electrically test all types of PCBs for continuity and isolation. Board sizes of 24” x 18’ (or larger), with small pad/fine pitch technology can be tested quickly and easily. Special options, such as, 4-wire Kelvin tests, Hi-pot test, Latent defect test, and others can be provided.
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SEC Acquires Orbotech Inkjet Printer

Looking to stay on the cutting-edge and remain competitive, Saturn joined the elite group of domestic fabricators with inkjet printers in their facility when we recently installed orbotech-inkjet-pcbthe Orbotech Sprint 8-Inkjet Legend Printer to our Romulus fabrication facility.  Benefits include ultra-fast throughput, UCI (UV Curing Integrated) Technology, exceptional quality and advanced capabilities and easy-to-learn and operate. The Sprint-100 is capable of printing down to 0.5mm height text and 3 mil features as well as the its ability to make straight lines in any angle.  With its patented UCI Technology for superior quality, ink drops are cured instantly for uniform line width and height, which in turn, reduces cycle times by eliminating baking cycles.
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